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 My name is Eleni Palaiologou. Before discovering ceramics I studied physics in the University of Athens. Now I am a full time ceramic artist, I have my own little ceramics workshop in Athens and spend most of my time creating old and new designs.

It all began a few years ago when I took my first pottery class as a hobby and fell in love with it. I then studied ceramics for two years at a public technical school and worked at a ceramic studio for almost a year before opening my own.

All of my pieces, both functional and decorative, are 100% handmade by me.
I combine various techniques such as wheel-throwing, coil-building and slab-building. I fire all of my ceramics up to 1240°C to make sure they are as strong as possible.
I like creating functional ceramic objects, mostly kitchenware, with minimal aesthetics, that can be used for everyday routines but also for more special occasions.